Meanwhile, back at Stark Industries Crisis Strike HQ…

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Building Stuff


Looking at this page reminds me that, at least for myself, one of the highlights of the first Iron Man movie was Robert Downey Jr. sitting at his workbench soldering circuitry with the easy flamboyance of the true geek; dodging the smoke, wiping the tip when finished, all while grousing nonstop at his robotic assistant. I appreciate it when actors take the time to learn something well enough to look like they know what they are doing. Of course, I would expect nothing less from someone like Robert Downey Jr. But it is not always the case. Nothing irks me more than seeing an actor fumble their way through a task that the character they are playing should be able to do in their sleep. I’m sure you have your own list, but for me it is stuff like a “professional sniper” resting the barrel of his scoped rifle on a window ledge (you can rest the stock on the ledge, but not the barrel; some of you probably know this, but the barrel — solid though it appears — will actually flex upward slightly when you do that and throw the point of impact off.)

I’m annoyed when actors playing chefs visibly cringe when they have to handle raw meat, or fumble the chopping of vegetables. It bugs me when the Token Chubby Guy in shows like Stargate Universe or Revolution is still chubby after months of the crew supposedly being on “short rations.” (Yes, I’m currently on a diet. Yes, I’m grouchy. But still.)  Welders using their hands to lower their face masks. Guys on Harleys walking their feet on the ground as they get underway. Ordinary people who are supposedly in their own homes of many years walking into a room and having to look to see where the light switch is. Small stuff, but it takes me right out of the movie or TV show.

Certain concessions must be made for things like racking gun actions needlessly — yes, it’s stupid, but it’s dramatic, and the Rule of Cool applies.

But blessedly, such things are rare enough to be noticeable. It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge those many, many fine actors who, famous or not, do go that extra mile to get into a part. The ones who train their asses off for an action show. Who practice doing bottle-tosses for a small bartender role. Who take the time to build a character that the audience can simply accept without question — and then give it just that extra bit of style that makes it their own. Thankfully, I can think of so many recent examples that I can’t even begin to list them all, but I do try to appreciate them when I see them.

I just have one question. How come so many of them seem to be Canadian? 😉

Anyway, here we have the team’s resident geniuses, ably assisted by their Ghost Rat, finally getting the chance to work on updating the armor a bit. Because, you know, that would be something they’d do.

But no cape.

Darn it.

Pass the popcorn.

— Bob out