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[DAD] Here’s where I wrote: “Mobs of terrified workers in panic.” That’s it. That’s all I wrote.

Damn, it’s so easy being the writer. Thank you, Max.

More below!


City Hall


Max and I actually visited City Hall to research these pages.

Los Angeles City Hall is a nice-looking old edifice in the Art Deco style. It looks kind of like the Daily Planet building in the old Superman serial, primarily because it was the Daily Planet building in the old Superman serial. Compared to government buildings in places like Washington DC or New York, it is perhaps a little lacking in grandeur (being half their age and budget) but it is quite decent for our area.

For story purposes we wanted some less-findable reference; emergency staircases, door handles, security cameras, sprinkler systems, etc. Stuff that we anticipated would be viewed with suspicion, but we were going to give it a try. We brought a couple of my cameras; cellphones are all very well, but their lenses are designed mainly to resist being rattled around in your pocket with keys and change. Sometimes what you really want is a zoom lens and decent glass.


So we went into City Hall, dropped the cameras and phones and keys into the security scanner, strolled through the metal detector, and emerged into the rather nice lobby, all marble and wood and brass. We asked the stern security guards if we could take a look around. And oh, did that get a reaction!

“Of course!” they beamed. “Welcome to City Hall! Observation deck at the top is open, great views, you have to take two elevators and a staircase to get there, but just ask when you’re ready and we’ll give you instructions. The Mayor’s office is on the third floor and the Rotunda is nice-looking, be sure to check it out. Café’s on the second floor. Restrooms are marked. Have fun!”

And they turned us loose.

Well, we saw the vast marble-and-brass Rotunda and went up to the Observation Deck, which gives a marvelous panorama of the city. And we went wandering around in the rooms where they hold press conferences, and no one bothered us. We didn’t see any guards at all.

So, pushing our luck, we began taking fire stairs down, taking photos of the stairwells and the various emergency and safety systems, and still no one bothered us. We got off on floors that were not for tourists, since they were just city workers, and I pushed open a door leading to a roomful of cubicles, and took a fast photo before they threw us out. The lady closest to the door gave me a sharp look.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she snapped.

“Um, just taking a reference photo for a project…”

“So you won’t be publishing the photo?”

“Oh no, it’s just for our own reference.”

“Oh! Well good, because I’m not wearing makeup.”

And that was it. We couldn’t seem to get in trouble if we tried. The general attitude seemed to be “Hey, you’re a citizen, we trust you!” It was both astonishing and refreshing. They just seemed pleased that we were interested.

I mean, it won’t stop us from destroying the place, at least fictionally, but we did appreciate the hospitality. If you’re ever in Los Angeles, I recommend a visit!

Although maybe not by helicopter.

— Bob out