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A History of Violence


You may be aware that 3 Minute Max isn’t the first action-oriented project I’ve ever worked on. Latest and greatest, sure, but I worked for years in the animation industry writing “Boy’s Action” shows (which is the Industry Code Word for “violent toy-pimpage”) and even directed a few.

I also do explosions on the side, and I occasionally make my own knives. A psychologist would say it’s probably all compensation for something.

But before all that, back when when I was actually young and tough and working as a bouncer at Madame Wong’s punk-rock nightclub in Chinatown — there was The Owl.

A novel about a private detective who doesn’t sleep and roams the streets of Los Angeles during the wild 1980s, scattering bodies and bullet casings with considerable abandon. The Owl was brutal good fun and although I got lured away by the better (well, easier) money to be made in animation, I have always loved the gritty toughness of the main character of my first novel. As with 3 Minute Max, it had a bit of a supernatural element mixed in; and despite the fact that it went out of print for years, I kept getting letters about it from people who found it in used bookstores.

The Owl has also been optioned by a number of studios in Hollywood, basically from day one. There was one attempt to produce it as a TV series, which was dreadful; they wouldn’t let me write it, and the director ignored the original work. Pretend it never happened — everyone else does. The book itself was immediately optioned again, by Sony, as I recall. It is still under option by a British production company to this day. For an out-of-print book, it has been amazingly popular.

But the out-of-print part? That’s about to change.

Brash Books has decided to re-release The Owl, and I’ve been impressed by how much time and money they’ve thrown into it. The cover alone is far better than the original ever was, and I’ve gone over the galleys, correcting the few errors that made it past their proofreaders. The text is clean and the prose is brutal. It’s a journey back to 1980’s “LA Noir” — the Owl was very much a product of his time — and it is quite a ride. Brash Books have me doing some promotional material for it, and they encourage me to plug it whenever possible — so of course I am.


Available Now!

Because I can guarantee you one thing — if you like 3 Minute Max, you’ll find The Owl to be right up your dark and gritty alley.

With a smokin’ .45 caliber Peacemaker. Oh yeah.

— Bob out