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Human drama, combined with fire, smoke, embers, and even a little water. Max and I both had a lot of fun on this page.


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Quest For Survival

First off, thanks to everyone who helped keep things active here while I was away. Thanks to Max, who kept the updates happening, and took the initiative to do a Reader Survey, and thanks to all those who took the time to participate in the Reader Survey. We learned a number of interesting things, some of which may affect upcoming pages — such as that no one seems to mind Marissa’s cosplay fetish. <grin>

As for my “vacation” — observe the general air of panic and confusion on the page above. This is a decent reflection of my own state during most of the trip, especially when we landed in Venice and discovered that the airline had lost our luggage. Our luggage which contained all our trip information, including what hotel we were supposed to stay in that night. And since my wife had made the reservations six months ago, she could no longer remember the hotel name. It kinda built from there.

But we got through that, and into the trip generally, though I have to confess that I do not share my wife’s taste for ancient Roman or Greek ruins. (PROTIP: Same thing, and let no one tell you different. Buncha rocks, mostly.)

ruinsYes, I flew halfway around the world for this.

But eventually, after some disgraceful examples of my own inability to deal with situations Outside My Comfort Zone (yes, I routinely play with explosives, but Turkish public toilets? Scary, man) I actually started to get into it and have a good time.

Of course, by that point it was time to pack up and come home. Always the way.

But glad to be back!

— Bob out