In Kenpo there is a strike known as the “Double Shooting Star” where you hit someone in the face and the balls at the same time. So yeah. Same principle.


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3 Minute Max Fan Survey 2014!

That’s right!  We’re gonna compile your data and crunch your identity and do spooky things with it!  Huh?  No?  Just gonna use it it figure out how to give fans more of what they want?  Crazy, but it just might work…





Because Thunderbirds


If you ask any pyro of a certain age (especially one who specializes in miniatures) what their primary influence was, it will always be: Thunderbirds. Joe Viscosil, who famously blew up the White House in ID4 (among many other excellent destruction effects) has a Thunderbird 2 on his keychain. Because as good as digital stuff is these days, there’s still nothing like a really good miniature. And make no mistake, miniature is hard.

I’ll never be Joe, but I too was influenced by Thunderbirds, so we’re getting to have some fun now! Doing some special shots just for this storyline, including some micro-blasts using a small custom steel “wok” I had welded for my purposes, a tiny lift charge, a tall ladder (note the “squirrel cable” against the sky in the background), a low-angle camera, and a tablespoon of DetFilms Black #2.

With, of course, Max’s incredible artwork to put it on. F.A.B!

— Bob out