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Flying High


I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who actually stepped up to the plate and bought a book, in whatever format! A gratifying number of you actually did this, and this tends to make Max and I feel all glowy and stuff. We are timid folk — well, I am, anyway — and it contributes greatly to our sense of self-worth. We really appreciate it.



But I would like to direct a bit of vitriol at the United States Post Office. I swear, I have bought books from Canadian webcomic people and British webcomic people and I’ve noticed their postal services have really reasonable rates, even internationally. But the USPS recently combined many of its shipping options (to “streamline” things — hah!) and now shipping our book overseas — even to Canada — costs more than the book itself does. I’d originally bought some really nice extra-stiff padded envelopes to protect the books during the rigors of travel, but the nasty lady behind the counter claimed that the stiff envelope (combined with the fact that our books are a bit larger than normal) qualified as a “package” instead of an “envelope” and wanted to send it International Priority Mail. For fifty-six bucks. Dear God, I spend less than that getting Airsoft submachine guns couriered over from Hong Kong.

So I ended up having to get those thin gray plastic envelopes and just wrap each book as protectively as possible inside. Even then she fought me, claiming the book’s binding was “stiff” and each envelope felt like a package to her, but I prevailed at last. This time. But I swear, I’m seriously considering having an upcoming 3MM adventure involve a bunch of disgruntled postal workers. Just for the catharsis.

You folks who ordered ComiXology or Kindle version know nothing of this, of course, and may angel’s kisses rain upon your gentle brows. But for you awesome people who ordered print versions, especially the overseas ones — know that I bled for you. Bled, I say!

And I’ll happily do it again. Try me!

Bob out

Artists Notes:  Very thankful to all who go that extra mile and purchase the comic. 

And if anybody’s interested in checking out my storyboarding work, I encourage you to visit my other site  I’ll be updating it… mondays.

Ah, great to get back into the action.  38 straight pages of it, by my calculations.