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You will be able to see a larger version of the image. Our hero is trying to learn about the girl who gave her life for his, and who may be haunting him to this day.


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A Life In Pictures


My wife and I went to Max’s house for dinner last week. And Jules, Max’s wife, pointed out that Max had drawn a cat on the little chalkboard they keep in the kitchen to write notes and grocery lists on.

Well, I myself have been known to draw the occasional cat picture on a chalkboard in my time. However, it should be noted that my Chalkboard Cats are about what you would expect, namely:

Bob's Chalkboard Cat

Bob’s Chalkboard Cat


Whereas when the artist of this particular comic idly decides to pick up the chalk and do a Chalkboard Cat, it turns out more like this:


Max's Chalkboard Cat

Max’s Chalkboard Cat

A portrait of their tuxedo cat Emily, utilizing what I believe is termed “negative space.” He does this kind of thing casually, like it’s no big deal. But I bring it up only to assure you that in the allocation of resources involved in the production of this comic, the art is unquestionably being handled by the correct person.

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— Bob out