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Like An Oncoming Train of Doom


I am supposed to go on a vacation. I don’t do vacations. When you run your own business, vacations are not really on the table, especially when your only assistant just moved up to Seattle simply for the sake of a beautiful woman and a good job. Sheesh, man, priorities.

Sure, I’ve managed to take small trips, like to Comic-Con last year, but for those I had my smartphone, my laptop, and full-time Internet access. I was able to run things fairly successfully even then. But an actual vacation, where you sleep through the night instead of waking up when the alert chimes to deal with clients and customers who live in different time zones? No. Not for the past five years.

But this time, I’m supposed to go somewhere with no internet. Yes. Somehow, such places still exist, and my wife, feeling that I need this, has arranged for me to go there. There will still be people living at my house, looking after the animals and such, but they cannot run the business. So I had to arrange things so that the business could run itself for a while. You know, so I could relax for ten days.

Well, in those five years, technology has changed and now there are places who will do such services for you at a reasonable price. All you have to do is get things organized and set up to work within their system.

To that end — with the vacation as the deadline — I started on January 1st, 2014. And I have worked every single day, including evenings and weekends, for five and a half months to get everything — all 470 gigabytes worth of product — individually converted, prepped, packaged, and uploaded so that the system can use it. Just so I can go on vacation for ten days.

Plus of course the 3MM and GyreWorld updates, including all the extra stuff I’m shooting just for this storyline. Oh, and I’m supposed to do some promotion for the Owl book too. I may try to work that in during the trip.

I’m still not done. I’m almost screaming with panic. Today is Father’s Day and I’m writing this post, plus the posts for the next two weeks, while my footage renders in After Effects and files upload. Seriously, I am going down to the wire here. Max assures me that he can handle anything needed on this site during that time. I’m sure he can. But just in case, I’m trying to get as much of it done in advance as possible. The clock is ticking and my stomach is sick with dread.

Yeah, yeah, first world problems. But still. Nothing is more work than a vacation.

— Bob out