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Playing With Fire


I think I would be a terrible mole. Not that anyone has ever asked me to be one, but this idea of being a double agent or working as an “inside man” on some sort of caper would just terrify me. I guess plenty of people do it — in real life, even — but it always seems to me that getting involved with dangerous criminals is just asking for trouble. Kind of like going into a creepy old house with a couple of your friends in order to look for a lost baseball and one of your buddies suggests brightly: “Hey, let’s split up, gang! We can search faster that way!”

I think at that point I would just leave. Let someone else start discovering your buddies in various dismembered states as the doors vanish and the dark hallways begin to stretch into eternity. I know how these things work.

But it appears that Wallend had debts or pressure points or some other way of allowing Fynch to get his hooks in him, and now he’s in deep. At least at the moment, Fynch seems to feel Wallend still has some use, so he honors his end of the deal. But not without making Wallend do a little sweating first.

Speaking of sweat, and playing with fire — my Other Son John and I were asked to do some custom footage for a commercial. Footage that would have been easy as pie if we could just have been allowed to use our flamethrower inside a parking structure (as I groused about in Page Nineteen‘s post) but the stubbornness of parking facility management remains unyielding. However, it is possible to purchase sheets of a concrete-like substance from construction-supply stores. So we did this, painted them black, and managed to create something we could work with to a limited extent. Here’s a couple of raw clips.

The footage got used, too — the company sent me a peek at the final commercial (for a Canadian amusement park called Cedar Fair) and they mixed the fire with some of our embers footage from earlier to create a damn cool dragon-fire effect with it. The commercial hasn’t aired yet so until I get permission I can’t post the link, but when I do, I will! In the meantime, lots of new fire footage for us to work with. Safer than making deals with underworld kingpins.

UPDATE: Permission granted! Here’s the finished commercial.

— Bob out