Player Two is always trouble.

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3 Minute Max Guest Art!


We had a nice unexpected boost in the visitor stats last week due to Dan Butcher (author/artist of Vanguard) doing some terrific guest art and posting it on his site with a link to ours, which was a complete surprise and much appreciated.

Rather than post the art here and hog all the traffic to ourselves, we’ll give you this


So you can go visit the Vanguard site and boost his traffic as well! Many of you may already read Vanguard; I know I do, and I bought the first book too. Well worth it! It’s a UK-based superhero ensemble series with some damn cool characters and a hell of a lot of action.

And honestly, I do recommend buying the Vanguard book, and that’s not just me being a shill. (Well, not totally.) The comic’s storylines are quite intricate, involving multiple groups of superheroes from various countries, and I personally found myself having to flip back to previous pages to re-read earlier sections in light of new revelations. It’s not like you can’t do that online, but at a certain point, hardcopy is just easier to deal with. Print or digital though, it’s content worth reading. Go check it out!