Seriously, doesn’t everyone secretly wonder about teleportation machines?  The Stargate “wormholes” are one thing — they’re like some sort of tube in other-dimensional space that you physically slide along at hyper-light velocities until you arrive at the other end.  But you’re still you, the whole way, despite having temporarily exited our particular brand of universe.

But the Star Trek teleporters are a little bit freakier.  When you come right down to it, you get scanned so hard you’re fried into energy (dematerialized) and then transmitted somewhere else and rebuilt (rematerialized.)  It’s not just the potential accidents that are worrisome — it’s wondering what happens to the you that is you.  Is there a soul?  If there is, did that get fried too?  Or did it get left behind, and all that appears at the other end is a functioning organic robot that seems perfectly normal until it suddenly develops an appetite for brains or something?

Or, as in our particular instance, does it just kill you?

Technology keeps getting closer.  We may find out one day.

You go first.